March 31, 2016

Root-Hiding Tricks for Blondes

Someone once said, there are two types of blondes: those who are born blonde and those who are born to be blonde. If you’re one of the latter group, you know that, no matter what color tresses you were born with, you are most definitely a blonde. Unfortunately, you can’t just stomp your foot and insist on it (we know, we’ve tried!). Unlike those lucky ladies who were born blonde, those of us who have to maintain our goldilocks have a lot more work to do to keep up.

Fortunately, you don’t have to visit the salon every other day to maintain natural looking blond hair and to keep your roots from giving you away. There are actually a few really easy disguises that you can use until you get back for a touch-up. Here are a few…

The Dry Shampoo Trick or Lightening Spray 

Dry shampoo goes on powdery and has a lightening effect on hair. So, if you spray it evenly along your roots, you’ll actually blend them into the rest of your hair nicely. If you have darker blond hair, you might want to take a few swipes through with a paddle brush to spread the dry shampoo through your hair and get rid of any powdery residue.

If you don’t like the result you get from using dry shampoo, try a lightening spray. John Frieda makes one that we like a lot. You do have to take a little bit of time when applying lightening sprays because they take a few applications to really lighten your hair enough to notice.

The Faux Fringe

Get out your favorite headscarf for this one; it’s fun! First, pull your hair into a loose ponytail. Now, flip the end of the ponytail over the front, so the tips hang in your face. Now tie the headscarf over your ponytail like a headband. You can also wrap it around like a ‘20s turban.

All you have to do now is pin the hair in back around your ponytail so that it looks like a fun, messy up-do, and arrange your tips to frame your face. No roots! And you have a fringe cut that you can undo any time you want!

Back Combing

Okay, this one is effective, but it can be really damaging to your hair, so be careful! Don’t spray a bunch of hairspray onto your roots first. Just, one section at a time, gently comb a couple of inches of your hair back toward the roots. This adds volume and hides your roots, too.

When you’re ready to comb your hair back out, don’t try to just brush it. Get in the shower and slather on a lot of conditioner. This will work out a lot of the knots you’ve worked into your hair. It will also prevent a lot of damage.

Make an Appointment Before You Leave the Salon

Finally, the best tip we can give you for hiding roots, is not to get to the point where you feel they need to hide! When you get your roots touched up, make your next touch-up appointment before you leave the salon! That way you can’t forget or put it off until you’ve let your roots grow out so long you might as well rock a reverse ombré.