March 31, 2016

Desire Longer Hair? Here are Some Short Hair Solutions

If your hair is thin or you got it cut short and now want longer hair once again, you have probably discovered what volumizers and backcombing can do. There are also vitamins and supplements that have shown promise in helping hair to grow more quickly.


This is a Scandinavian supplement containing horsetail plant extract. It also has fish protein and vitamin C. It can help in hair regrowth and thickness.


Biotin is a B-complex vitamin that sometimes improves thinning hair, as well as brittle nails. It is a safe supplement, because your body excretes any biotin it does not need.

Vitamin D

This vitamin is important because it may help to regulate the cycle of your hair, according to Naturally Curly. It is not understood the levels that will influence hair growth, but you also get vitamin D through natural sources.

Saw Palmetto Extract

This herbal remedy may benefit your hair. It is processed from American dwarf pine tree fruit.

Vitamin A

This antioxidant is used for nail, skin and hair formulas. Be sure that you don’t overuse vitamin A, since it might harm your liver and cause fatigue.

No supplements are as valuable as eating foods high in nutrients that help you to grow hair in the natural way.

These are some natural ways to help your hair grow more quickly, but if you’re impatient, come into DeSeo Salon and ask Erin about extensions.

Hair Extensions FAQ’s

How Do Hair Extensions Work?

The bonding in hair extensions has a connection at the top, and this will connect it to your own hair, fairly close to the roots. There are different styles of strands and the bondings are pressed flat or rolled to adapt to the shape of your head.

Will You Have to Wait for Your Hair Extensions?

After you consult with Erin, the strands are selected according to the style you would like, along with your desired hair color. If there are not suitable strands in stock, they can be ordered and received in short order.

How Long Does it Take to Apply Strands?

The time it takes depends on the hairstyle you desire. Compact extensions require more strands than simple hair thickening. Partial extensions like those used for bangs have a quicker process.

Are Hair Extensions Expensive?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this question. It depends on the style you are looking for and the condition of your own hair. Prices will also depend on the system that will be used.

How Natural Do Hair Extensions Look?

Properly attached hair extensions look quite natural and people will not be able to tell that you are wearing them. The extensions are matched to your hair color and structure, and they are placed carefully, resulting in the best effect.

Can You Feel Your Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are hardly noticeable at all.

How Are Strands Removed?

Your hairdresser will use specific methods to remove strands. This allows for a gentle removal. Removal solution is used to break down the bonds that hold the extensions to your hair. Your natural hair will not be damaged.

How Long Do Hair Extensions Typically Last?

The period of wear for hair extensions depends on your own hair growth, the volume and structure of your hair, and the style you desire. The bonding of hair extensions will move slowly from your scalp as your hair grows. The extensions will become more visible after four to six months and then are usually removed. Some extensions are made to be used more than once.

Are There Any Lifestyle Limitations with Hair Extensions?

According to Hair Dreams, you won’t have to limit your lifestyle at all. The attachments are secure, so you can pursue your usual activities. Long hair will require more care, of course, and this is true for extensions as well as for natural hair. If you regularly exercise vigorously, and wash your hair quite often, you’ll want to take especially good care of your extensions, as well.

Are Hair Extensions Difficult to Care For?

You should care for your hair extensions the same way you take care of your own hair. Hair extensions may not receive the same natural substances as your own hair. Special products will help your extensions to retain their color, elasticity and shine.

Can You Color and Style Your Hair as Usual?

Your hair can be styled as usual, with curling irons, flat irons or blow dryers. Perms or color treatments can also be done. Perming, tinting or coloring can change the hair surface and place stress on it.

Can You Get Hair Extensions if You Have Heavy Hair Loss?

Hormones or medications can cause hair loss. This needs to stop before the extensions will normally be applied.

How Do Hair Extensions Affect Your Natural Hair?

Hair extensions are gentle and don’t have chemicals, so they will not typically damage your natural hair. They protect your hair and will not normally result in any loss of your natural hair.