March 31, 2016

Gray Blending – How to Hide Gray Hair

So you’ve found a few gray hairs. Well, we all go gray eventually, and it certainly doesn’t mean you’re suddenly a senior citizen. Depending on genetics and stress levels, people go gray starting as early as their teens, or as late as their 90s. Some people never go gray at all, and we kind of hate them. However, with a little bit of hair coloring magic, you can fool the world into thinking you’re one of the lucky few who never lost their gorgeous brown, red, or blond locks.

First and foremost, do not pluck gray hairs out! If you do this, you’ll just end up thinning your hair out. Remember, they’ll eventually all turn, and you don’t want to go bald, do you? Also, the less you freak out and stress about going gray, the less gray you’ll see. It’s funny how that works, isn’t it?

Relax and Blend Away

Now, let’s talk about dealing with the grays you’ve spotted. If your whole head hasn’t turned into a silver helmet overnight, you probably don’t need a full dye job. Instead, you can opt for blending. Demi permanent dyes are made to brighten dull color and to mask grays. They don’t fully cover your non-gray hair, but they stain the grays so that they blend in with your natural color.

There are even at-home kits to touch up new growth that comes in gray between visits to the salon. You don’t have to live in fear of your next gray hair, and you definitely don’t have to pluck it out when you see it. Instead, just blend it.

Styles That Hide Gray

Whether you’re fully committed to dying your hair or you’re just blending with demi permanent dye, you can’t always make as many trips to the salon as you’d like, and sometimes touching up at home is even too much to ask; not to mention how much over-treating your hair can damage it.

So, let’s talk about some of the ways you can hide your gray hairs with a new ‘do. Curls and highlights that frame your face are both great gray-hiders. Gray hair tends to make your skin look duller than it should. To fight this, getting a few highlights around your face will brighten your complexion and give you a younger appearance, even if you’re not trying to hide the grays entirely.

Curling your hair adds texture. It also gives you volume, and with a little product, your hair will be glossier, too. What does all that have to do with hiding grays? Well, if all your grays are coming in at the roots, you’ll take attention away from your scalp and divert it to the gorgeous curls around your face. If you have a gray streak, people are much more likely to think it’s a purposeful, poised style statement when you do your hair this way, too.

All in all, demi permanent dye, permanent dye, and a close relationship with an expert color specialist will keep you looking and feeling young and fresh, no matter how many gray hairs hide underneath.