March 31, 2016

Fall Hair Color Inspiration

As the air gets cooler, the days get shorter, and the “iced” gets dropped off our daily coffee orders, it’s not just the season that is changing. A welcome change in the weather also means welcome change in our schedules, our closets and our attitudes, so why not also welcome a change with our hair color?

For Brunettes

While fall and winter may mean less bright, sunny days, that doesn’t mean your hair should lose its luster! Visit our salon for one of our color pull-through services to help restore color and shine to longer hair that may be dulling near the ends. Rocking a shorter style? Going just one shade lighter or darker can have a dramatic effect and change up your look, without the time commitments of highlights now that summer Fridays (or summer vacation) are a thing of the past.



For Blondes

Everyone loves a beach blonde, but as we trade our bikinis for blanket scarves, you might be craving a deeper, more dimensional look. But don’t think you’ll have to let go of all the fun! Rose gold is one of the hottest colors of the season, and is easy to switch back next spring!

For Redheads

There’s no doubt your hair color is having its moment, with blondes and brunettes of all tones desperate for ways to perfect your shade. But as the weather cools, allow your hair color to follow suit. Consider adding cool, violent tones to your mane, along with a glossing treatment to extend the color and pump up the shine.

Fall is a chance for so many new opportunities, don’t let your hair “fall” behind!